Spring/ Summer Beauty Trends 2017

It is finally time to show you my spring/summer 2017 favourite beauty trends. I did these sort of posts all through last year and since they were a huge success, I decided to do them again this year but slightly differently. You have probably realized by now that I have already shown you my favourite spring makeup collections. This year through the trends I will be just sharing them with you and of course instead of showing you all the trends, I’m discussing my favourites because just like every year they are so many and so I can’t talk about all of them. Today, the trends I’m sharing with you are also the most popular and major ones and not just my favourites. I hope you enjoy them!



Blush is one of the main trends this coming season in the form of bold blush. Show off these rosy cheeks of yours in the most fashion-forward way possible. For faster, on-the-go application use your lipstick as blush which is also another trend this season and we have also previously suggested here on Beauty-Full Lifestyle.


Smoky eyes have never gone out of fashion. Just like previous seasons, the smoky eye continues to be in fashion and what has changed is the way to do it. Smudge it up and keep it simple if you want to be trendy this season


Bold lips and red lips are two different trends this time. Bold lips are one thing keeping its classic summer shades or coral, peach, pink and orange but red in particular is everywhere this season and I am glad to be honest because I love it. Wear it boldly and turn heads with this wow-effect trend this season. Keep the rest of your makeup clean and simple and keep the focus on the lips. No mascara, no eyeliner no nothing. Just the lips. In some cases you can add a bit eyeliner if your face needs a bit of balancing or a bit of mascara.


I am one of those people that honestly sees the beauty and difficulty of a well done, gorgeous no makeup makeup. I love the look and it takes a true makeup expert to really succeed in it. A no makeup makeup look is different on everyone and it is my go to look with a twist usually. So this is the trend for me really if I also add the red lipstick.


This season it was all about that natural glow. Forget about your powder this season. Skip it completely if you want to be in fashion and work that glow on your face. It’s quite magical really.

It’s the season of strobing. Strobing is basically highlighting so don’t let that word scare you off if you still haven’t figured out what strobing means. Use creamy textures that look completely natural and be the belle of the ball.


Last but not least, this last trend is definitely one of my favourites. Using a tone of products on the skin and taking an hour to look good, was never my thing and those of you who follow me around from the begining, know that. So, thankfully, as you can see from the above trends, too, S/S 2017 is my season! My way of doing makeup is, finally, in fashion! Quick and easy looks for the real women, who have a life and can’t afford to spend an hour on their makeup. Not that there's anything wrong in taking an hour to do your makeup. It's just that I believe most women don't have that time. That's all...





You can add it anywhere you like and use it however you like. Add it on your lips, eyes, nails, forehead, cheeks, absolutely anywhere you like. Formulas are fun and easy to use and all you need is find your favourite one to just play on…

Which is your favourite trend this season? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post. I really do hope that you enjoyed it! If you did, please share it and subscribe to my blog. Also, please follow my social media profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin’ and Youtube (coming soon). Until next I hope you have a great time. I’ll talk to you soon.


xoxo, Angie.

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