Favourite Burgundy Lipsticks

Burgundy is my colour and that is for sure. The fact that Marsala was the 2015 colour helped a lot in experimenting with the colour and finding the right shades for me. Lipstick could be no exception as red used to be a colour I loved. What I realised this past fall season is that dark shades suit me better that just bold or bright shades. I mean I already knew that brights weren't my thing but you know I used to try to make them work. Still it never happened for me. So long story short my love for burgundy replaced my love for red. Is this obvious to you yet? I think it is as most things in this blog are burgundy, too. So anyway.

Below you can see my favourite burgundy lipsticks discontinued or continued:

  • Tom Ford in Black Orchid (discontinued long ago... RIP love)
  • Tom Ford in Bruised Plum (still at the counters. Supposed to have replaced Black Orchid but let's be honest here... it can't even compete with Black Orchid...)
  • Charlotte Tilbury in Night Crimson
  • Charlotte Tilbury in Glastonberry (this is more on the plum side but I do consider it and use it as a burgundy option)
  • Giogrio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 634
  • MAC in Diva
  • Bobbi Brown in Cassis

I know they seem like a lot but they are in some kind of order too from the one I love the most to the one I love the least. Up until favourite lipstick number 5 the order changes depending on my mood but they are my top 5 favourites for sure and they are the ones I reach for all the time. What I love about them is how they brighten my skin. Brighten... well you know... as much as a dark shade can brighten your skin/ compexion.


Below you can see swatches of these so you can have an idea of how they look but you know until you go at the counter to actually, practically try them on you never know. Just keep in mind that these are DARK. I'm just saying... you have been warned...


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What are your favourite burgundy lipsticks? Have you ever tried one on? Let me know your opinion about this shade and if you think you might like to try any of the ones recommended above. 

I'll talk to you on my next post.


xoxo, Angie.

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