My Collection: Tom Ford Lipsticks

As you have probably understood Tom Ford is one of my favourite brands. Especially for lipsticks. I haven't explored a lot more products. Mainly just lipsticks and eyeshadows however it is still growing on me. Then again I am clearly a lipstick-gal so you know... nothing I can do about that. In this post I'll show you and talk to you about my collection but also tell you some of my favourites. In total I have 11 Tom Ford lipsticks with a quite good colour selection. I have nudes, corals, pinks, reds, burgundies, plums, vamps... you get the idea. So let's get started. First things first, have a look at my Tom Ford lipstick collection (with swatches) below:

  • Black Orchid
  • Bruised Plum
  • True Coral
  • Flamingo
  • Indian Rose
  • Cherry Lush
  • Black Dhallia
  • Velvet Cherry
  • Nubile
  • Pussycat
  • Dark & Stormy

As you see this collection has a good variety of shades. The only shades I haven't got is pale lipsticks and oranges. As I am fair skinned with really dark brown hair (almost black) pale lipsticks usually just make me look sick but I am still trying to find my one. I generally believe that all colours match everyone it's just a matter of finding the right shades. So I hope to get there eventually. I am happy with my collection but you know once you find your brand you can't really have enough. Can you now? Well... no. At least I can't. It does have mainly dark shades but I find that these suit me the best. Generally bold colours and then mainly dark. 

Within this collection I have a few shades that I love more than others. Black Orchid as you already know is a big favourite of mine, Pussycat, Bruised Plum, Nubile, Indian Rose, True Coral and Cherry Lush. I basically love all of my Tom Ford dark lipsticks they are all different shades and all amazing but unfortunately if I had to choose one that would be Black Orchid which has been discontinued long ago now. True Coral is my favourite coral lipstick of all time and I always wear it daily but also at summer weddings or other formal events especially during spring and summer. It is just perfection and so worth trying it at a Tom Ford counter. Cherry Lush is one of my favourite reds. Pussycat is my version of a nude. Nubile is my favourite hydrating nude. It's my go-to nude as I have very dry lips ALL THE TIME, all year around and so I never have to think about it. It is the lipstick I gravitate towards when I'm too bored to just choose a lipstick or I am in my feeling-awful days. Indian Rose is currently another option of a nude lipstick for me but not as much as Pussycat, let alone Nubile. Generally speaking, all Tom Ford lipsticks are very hydrating but only sometimes not enough for my lip condition. Nubile is just perfection though all the time. Good to use with a smoky eye, good to use alone, good to use with anything, any time. 

So this is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this post and found something that you loved in my collection and are thinking of purchasing it. Let me know in the comments below if you have any Tom Ford lipsticks, and which was your favourite from the ones I have. Please subscribe to my blog and my social media accounts. Until next week, have a good day and weekend and we'll talk soon.

xoxo, Angie.

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