Collection: Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

She is definitely one of my top three favourite makeup artists of all time. She is such an inspiration to me. It was only natural then, that when I heard the news of her line before she launches it back in 2013 I would just jump in ordering online. I tried a lot of products and today I can confidently say that Charlotte Tilbury is my TOP favourite makeup brand. She has used unique technology and formulas and shows that she's spent quite a lot of time in and I love that. Today I want to talk to you about the lipsticks that I have from her brand and share the love with you.

  • Night Crimson
  • Glastonberry
  • Red Carpet Red
  • Velvet Underground
  • Love Liberty
  • Very Victoria
  • Confession (LE)
  • Bitch Perfect
  • Nude Kate

I have to admit that I don't have such a good colour range. I mean it's not bad but there are shades missing from my collection. These are the shades of lipstick that I wear all the time and that I feel most comfortable in. I am so happy with my collection and I could just live with it. Well... theoretically at least. Her shades are all so glamorous, good quality, worth the money and last for a really long time. Let's take it shade by shade then.


  • Night Crimson: my second favourite burgundy lipstick. It is such a full colour and matches so well with almost all the looks I do. I'm all about dark, glamorous looks and so it is perfect.
  • Glastonberry: I love the intensity of the lipstick. It looks gorgeous on everyone I've seen wearing it. It is a dark purple colour that if you have the confidence of pulling it off, you will look amazing and ultra glamorous. Glastonberry is from her matte lipstick range. Even though this is a matte lipstick it still is hydrating.
  • Red Carpet Red: it is a true bright, blue red that makes my teeth look amazingly white. The bullet is shaped perfectly to help apply it quickly and easily. Even though this is a matte lipstick it does not dry out lips at all.
  • Velvet Underground: one of my favourite fuschias. It is slightly shiny and although the lipstick isn’t I am not sure if it is the shade that gives the illusion of a shine or it is really like that. It is such different, up-lifting, glamorous bold pink lipstick that is just a dream to wear
  • Love Liberty: it is a dark pinky purple. It is a shade that I love wearing in the daytime, too. Yeah.. I know. Quite dark for most people but my idea of a nude lip is quite different than most people’s.
  • Very Victoria: a really nice brown shade. I usually say that brown or brown-ish lipsticks make me look dead. This one doesn’t though. I would call this a medium shade of brown. Not dark but not light either. It is definitely, I think, one of those shades that you either love or hate and you don’t know which way you are leaning towards until you try it on.
  • Confession (limited edition): the second time I visited the Charlotte Tilbury counter for a makeup (when I was in London this past March) I asked a sales-girl to do the Sophisticate makeup look and instead of the classic sophisticate look lipstick to use on me something else. So she used this lipstick which was the holiday limited edition lipstick. Because they had left overs, she used it on me and I instantly fell in love with it. It is another perfect nude lipstick but this time it is a real nude lipstick… like… objectively.
  • Bitch Perfect: the perfect pinky-nude. Matches the Uptown Girl look that I adore from her line. It goes with anything from wearing it with a really nude makeup look up to a full on black smoky eye
  • Nude Kate: the ideal, classic smoky eyes lipstick. Pale-ish and a classic option for the dark grey/black smoky eye. Inspired by the shade that Charlotte used to mix to create Kate Moss’s lipstick. So amazing. This is also the first ever Charlotte Tilbury lipstick I bought.


A fun little fact that I feel like sharing with you is that the way I discovered Very Victoria was by luck. I had visited London last March and I booked an appointment for a makeup. I asked the sales girl to do The Sophisticate look on me, but using another lipstick shade than the one used. She decided to apply Confession on me and I instantly fell in love with it. The annoying thing with limited editions is that once they are sold they never come back and so I asked her for a dupe. I didn’t want to go to another brand to start searching for dupes. So we looked at the lipsticks, tried on my hand a couple of them and decided that Very Victoria was the best. I mean it is not a real dupe but it was the closest from the line and so I got it and also fell in love with it. I wear it mostly during the winter because it is a little too dark of a brown for me to wear it during the summer but I make it work and it looks just fabulous.


This is it for today. Please subscribe to my blog and my social media accounts. Let me know in the comments section below if you have tried any of her lipsticks and what you think of them as well as which is your favourite, or if you haven’t tried any which one is in your wishlist. Thank you very much for reading this post. Before next week, have a great day and weekend.

Lots of love, 

xoxo, Angie.

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