Tip of The Month: Less is More

When it comes to makeup less is definitely more. But don't get confused. Less mean less layers. You can go as bold and dark as you like. Using less layers of products and in some cases even less products will ensure you always get a great natural looking makeup look, where your actual skin shows through as perfect.  This applies to both makeup and skincare. You should focus on the features you want to show off and not so much on the things on your face you want to hide. Concealer has great powder so use it. But use it where you need it. You can also argue that more is more but that for me considers wearing colour and going bold. In that sense more is definitely more. Keep in mind that you should wear your makeup the way you like it. Know the rules and then break them. Try out different looks and test you makeup limits. Also keep in mind, that well blended layers are key in makeup, too. Even if you have one or two layers if they are not well blended the makeup will never have a professional finish. So in summary, blend a lot and use less and better products that help you shine and not your makeup. Have a great day.

xoxo, Angie.

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