June Tip: Natural Makeup

To achieve a natural result choose cream or liquidy textures for your face as they look more natural on your face than powder products. Layering them is also easier as they blend together better. They also give a glowy finish. Remember to set everything with a little bit of powder so that they stay on all day long. Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Bobbi Brown have the best cream to liquid textures in almost everything. As always remember that the less amount of makeup and the fewer the layers of your makeup, the more natural the result! Have a great day and remeber to always smile as nothing is ever as bad as it seems at first! It the best beauty tip! Enjoy!


xoxo, Angie.

PS. The photo you see above depicts the products I used to do my makeup for a wedding. Needless to say it stayed on all night long. You can find this photo on BFL's Instagram profile at

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