All About Beach Makeup

Have you ever thought of beach makeup? Most people prefer to stay makeup-free when at the beach but as I always say "a little bit of makeup never hurt anyone". I am all about natural beauty and showing off your best features. When at the beach I love to just use 3 products to make me look and feel extra special and beautiful. I do a very minimal and simple version of a no-makeup makeup basically. Today I am here to tell you all of my beach makeup secrets as well as show you how you can take your beach makeup and transform it for the evening/night if you're going somewhere just right after the beach. So let's begin!



The secret is to look completely natural and as if you are wearing nothing at all on your face. Keep that in mind. To achieve that you are just going to need 3 products, maybe even 4 (that really depends on you; I personally only use 3): concealer, lip & cheek and eyeliner. You can also use your favourite waterproof mascara if you like. The best products for that which have been tried and tested at the beach are the following:

  • Chanel Waterproof Stylo Yeaux: this is truly waterproof. I love that it is really black and that it has its own sharpener at the back. The trick here is to use it as close to your lashline as possible and of course keeping it thin. It should be hard to tell by others whether you are actually wearing any makeup or not. If you are not so good in doing that thin line, you can also tightline. Tighlining is a technique where you basically draw you inner, upper lash line and it helps making your lashline look fuller! It is a classic trick that always works.
  • Lancome Juicy Shaker: they are amazing, the taste amazing and the packaging is as cute as it could be. They are very hydrating and due to the pigment they have you can also use them on your cheeks if your like. It is obviously not your classic lip & cheek but I love to do that when it is the only thing I carry around with me.
  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: This is actually a foundation but because it is SO dry most makeup artists use it as face concealer to cover up any blemishes or anything else that needs covering and that a normal foundation carn't usually cover. If you want to use it for under your eyes you can mix it in with a bit of a more hydrating concealer or even with a light reflecting concealer  (ie Touche Eclat type) to make it more wearable for under your eyes. Remember that you just want to cover the areas/points that you absolutely need to. Don't go covering everything up.
  • For a mascara use your favourite waterproof and keep it looking natural 

It might take a bit longer to do but it will reward you. Plus when you do it 2-3 times you'll get the hang of it and you'll be done in 4-5 minutes max.



As far as your evening out after the beach just keep 3 more products in your makeup bag.

  • Use your favourite eyeshadow stick all over your lid and create a smoky eye using a shade or two. My favourites are by Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier and I usually just use one eyeshadow
  • Add more of eyeliner to make it look more intense and create any shape you like.
  • Intensify your mascara by adding at least two extra coats to make your lashes look extra special and glamorous
  • Add a cream blush to make your look appear more youthful and healthy. My favourites (both cream and powder) are by Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford, Clinique and Burberry. 
  • Wear your favourite lipstick or Juicy Shaker for a pop of colour on your lips. My favourite lipsticks are by Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Bobbi Brown and Burberry.


This is my way of doing beach and after-the-beach makeup. Sunscreen and after-sun are my summer obsessions to keep my skin healthy from the sun and of course from ageing. My favourites are by Lancaster and Chanel. Use your personal favourites and enjoy the sun with safety!


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Lots of love,

xoxo, Angie.

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