Spring Lips with Burberry

I love Burberry and even though I haven’t really shown you their products much, I did want to share their newer lipstick formulas, shades and textures. They are some of my favourites and this spring they will be the only ones I’m going to wear, possibly. I have already upoloaded some photos on Instagram (please follow and like with products that I have purchased over the years but also recently. The lipsticks I’m sharing with you today are all new and amazing. 

No matter what their finish, they are all really hydrating and stay well on the lips and the shades are amazing. Burberry has really created something unique here. Even though they are on the expensive side I really do believe that they are worth the investment and you will get so much wear out of all of these. I am sure that you will be happy when you try them on, in case you haven’t already.


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xoxo, Angie.

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