About Me

Hello! I’m Angie, a 20-something, Athens-based, premium beauty expert, who loves everything beauty. Be it fashion, beauty or lifestyle, if it is truly gorgeous, I love it. But that’s not all…

I grew up in Athens, Greece, attended American schools and studied Business Management at the University of Surrey in England, where my passion for beauty began. Among other things, I love writing, reading, illustrating, listening to music, watching movies - and series - whether at the cinema with friends or cuddling at home with my husband. I also love travelling, going out, chocolate, sushi, Italian and cocktails. I also have a Poodle – she’s a girl – called Cookie, whom I love to death and is just the cutest creature on the planet! Since March 2018 I am also officially a Pro Makeup Artist after studying makeup for 6 months.

Today, I am one of the lucky ones who can say I’m leading a life I love, making my dreams come true and always staying positive. Red Velvet Beauty is a big part of that dream coming to life and for this I am so grateful. It is a website where I share my passion, expertise, ideas and favourites on beauty. Along the way, I may also add posts on other issues such as home, style, travel and whatever else I love at the moment. The other part of that dream is working with clients as a Premium Beauty Expert helping them discover their true beauty style and make suggestions that work for them. The recommendations I offer to them are completely my own and what I truly believe works best for them. With the companies I work with I do not get paid and so I am obliged to any sales or commisions or any sort of commitment with them.

As a premium beauty expert I research, study and eventually evolve through both practice and theory. My Business and Management background also helps, as it gives me a better understanding  about how the industry and business work and how I need to move and evolve within it. Learning something new daily is what I like to do and this is how expand my knowledge.

I really do hope you enjoy this website and my other social media profiles on Instagram (, Pinterest (Red Velvet Beauty) and Twitter (@RVelvetBeauty).

Please feel free to contact me any time you want through the Contact form to work with me, ask a question or even say "hi" and I’ll make sure to get back to you asap!

See you out there!

xx, Angie.